Mexican ambassador calls for stronger links with Kilkenny

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By Sam Matthews

The Mexican Ambassador to Ireland was in Kilkenny this week, meeting county councillors and then going on to visit local businesses.

Mayor David Fitzgerald welcomed Mr Carlos Eugenio Garcia de Alba to Kilkenny, and spoke of the common bonds between the peoples of Ireland and Mexico.

Both Ireland and Mexico have, respectively, the two largest diasporas living in the United States. Mayor Fitzgerald said that he hoped the situation for millions of illegal immigrants – many of them Irish and Mexican citizens – living in the US would be regularised.

In an address to a number of Kilkenny’s councillors in the council chamber at City Hall, the Mexican diplomat called for the strengthening of links between Kilkenny and his native Mexico.

“I am amazed that there is not a single sistership between Mexico and Ireland,” he told the assembled councillors.

Mr Garcia de Alba said that such a sistership between Kilkenny and an appropriate Mexican city would be mutually beneficial.

“We want to promote a sistership between a Mexican city and this beautiful city,” he said.

“I bring this proposal to be considered, between this city and a beautiful, vibrant, energetic Mexican city.”

Mr Garcia de Alba said that he hoped to promote Mexico in Kilkenny, and Kilkenny in Mexico, to the benefit of both. He demonstrated his prowess with a hurley and sliothar, and expressed his confidence that Kilkenny would defeat Waterford to regain the All-Ireland title.

The ambassador’s next stop was Kilkenny-based company Glanbia, which exports large quantities of powdered milk to the Mexican market.

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