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Published on Wednesday 30 May 2012 09:22

The Budo Martial Arts Centre, Kilkenny, which teaches authentic Japanese karate, has been honoured by being appointed as the headquarters for the Japan Shotokan Karate Association Ireland or JSKA Ireland.

The club which has its Hombo Dojo (main training hall) in the Watershed Sports Complex has gone from strength to strength over the last few years with over 100 students currently training in the art of karate.

The World Chief Instructor of the Japan Shotokan Karate Association, Sensei Keigo Abe, 9th Dan black belt, recently visited the club to conduct a number of seminars and gradings.

The Kilkenny club has now the responsibility for npromoting the Japan Shotokan Karate Association and the art of Shotokan Karate throughout Ireland through its Kilkenny base.

Grading examiner

Sensei Kevin Shortall, 4th Dan black belt is Chief Instructor for the Japan Karate Association in Ireland. He is also an official grading examiner and referee for the JSKA.

Kevin said pointed out that up until now many of the main karate groups had their headquarters in Dublin or Cork.

“This meant most of the important courses, seminars and competitions were held there and involved travelling long distances for students in order to progress within the art,” he explained. “With the JSKA now having its base in Kilkenny, we can now bring world class karate instructors such as Sensei Abe to Kilkenny and he can pass on his knowledge to the local karate fraternity without too much travel or cost.”

Kevin felt karate was a captivating and exciting sport/art.

“We often have parents who bring along their kids to train with us and once we start the parents will sit for hours watching, trying to capture as much information themselves,” he said. “Numerous times we are met with the question after the class ‘do you have classes for adults?”


Through the JSKA, the Budo Martial Arts Centre offer all students expert instruction through Sensei Kevin Shortall and the other experienced JSKA black belt instructors. Students can be graded up to three times per year, take part in seminars with top Japanese and international instructors, represent their country plus much more.

The club run classes for children, adults, teenagers and familes.

The club has some places left on its ‘Kids Beginners Program’. This is held on Monday in the Watershed Sports Complex between 4 and 5pm each week. Children are taught karate techniques, self-defence, fitness routines and so on. The first class is free.

To get a place contact 086 3668669 or visit

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