Kilkenny artists's work seen by hundreds of million of people on St Patrick's Day

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Kilkenny artist Ross Stewart's work was seen by hundreds of million of people on St Patrick's Day.

Ross Stewart's illustration used by Google on St Patrick's Day

Google asked him to create an illustration for their search engine home page for March 17 to celebrate Ireland's rich history and heritage.

He came up with a wonderful concept. Standing in for the Google “L” was a tall stone that paid homage to Ireland’s earliest form of writing: ogham. The edge was marked with a series of ancient carvings, each group represented a letter of the ogham alphabet. See if you can read what it says (hint: it goes left to right, bottom to top!).

Meanwhile, a determined stonemason was hard at work against a backdrop of peaceful greens and blues. In the foreground, a sprinkling of native wildflowers rounded out Stewart’s ode to the country's natural beauty – sheepish onlooker included.

Ross Stewart has recently been involved in three Oscar nominated feature films; as Art Director on 'The Secret of Kells' (2009), Visual Development and Conceptual artist on 'ParaNorman' (2013), Concept Artist on 'Song of the Sea' (2015) and has worked on many other award winning animated short films.


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