Kilkenny’s Paul Murphy on facing Tipperary

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Kilkenny’s Paul Murphy is relishing the challenge of facing Tipperary in this year’s All-Ireland senior hurling final against Tipperary.

Speaking to KCLR ahead of Sunday weeks showdown against Tipp, Paul says that training is enjoyable when it comes to preparing for an All-Ireland Final

“Yeah, preparations are great. I suppose it’s a position a lot of us have been in before so we know what’s involved in the preparations, but look there is a real buzz coming into the match and that’s part of the enjoyment. So much of the year is training behind closed doors and that your in the muck, wind and rain of Dunmore, so coming into an All-Ireland Final when the weather is good, your training in Nowlan Park, and you know that your going to be playing in front of a packed house in Croke Park, it’s the best preparation you can have really”

When it comes to Tipperary, Murphy says they proved they were a dangerous team under pressure in the Semi-Final victory over Galway.

“I think they have been the team of the Championship. Their hunger and their aggression has been absolutely massive and they have shown a real sharpness to their game. They have had matches in windy and rainy conditions and there is a real aggression about them so I have been massively impressed by them but Tipperary are always like that, there is always a real sharpness to them but I suppose this year now, they have really upped their game again. Last year, they lost a Semi-Final a similar position to Galway but this year, I suppose they showed that bit more maturity and a bit calmer when it came to the last 5 or 10 minutes and they got the scores they needed to get and pulled away from Galway and that’s the sign of a real dangerous team as well”

Watch the full video below.


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