Phantom of the Watergate Theatre in Kilkenny - Ghost appears regularly

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The Watergate Theatre in the centre of Kilkenny city is haunted. For the first time in 21 years, the true story of what has been happening behind the walls of the city’s community theatre is revealed.

Caretaker of the theatre, Gabby Maher has heard the footsteps on the empty stage and on the back stairs. The sound of voices is another regular phenomenon when the theatre is empty.

Sometimes, the ghost watches him from high up in the gantry (from where the stage lights are suspended) as he works below and he has felt his presence there since the theatre opened 21 years ago.

The Watergate celebrates 21 years in existence next week on Friday, April 4 and the phantom of the Watergate has been kept a closely guarded secret until now.

Gabby has no fear of the spook and works away while he is there. However, he leaves the radio on to drown out his sounds. He sees “him” in his peripheral vision and out of the corner of his eye. “I’m not freaked out by it at all but after a while I could hear him walking in the gantry and I avoided the area as much as possible,” he said.

The out of this world spirit presence was confirmed by mentalist, Keith Duffy who Gabby approached when he brought one of his shows to the Watergate. “He said that there was not one ghost but a couple of spectres hanging around and that they had appeared while he was on stage in the theatre doing his routine,” Gabby said.

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