Names sought for new bridge

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The 'emerging preferred option' for Kilkenny's new pedestrian bridge over the River Nore. The Carnegie Library is out of picture to the right. The design will now enter a period of public consultation, with submissions welcome.

Published on the 13 November 2013

The council is formally asking the public to submit their ideas for a name for Kilkenny City’s new pedestrian bridge.

So far, suggestions being considered include Desart, Carnegie, Smithwick, Confederation, Swift, Berkeley, and Colles, among others. The council has emphasised that it is not a vote or ‘X-Factor’-style competition, but that entries will be considered and shortlisted.

The councillors will then decide at the borough council meeting on December 9. The bridge will be in place before the end of this month.

A special email address has been set up for submissions: The deadline for entries is November 29.

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