Kilkenny hurlers get behind brain injury charity

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Published on Friday 15 February 2013 09:59

KILKENNY hurling stars Eoin Larkin and Paul Murphy have lent their support to the charity Acquired Brain Injury Ireland.

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland provides community based neuro-rehabilitation services to those who have acquired a brain injury; through a road traffic accident, fall assault, stroke, tumour, sports injuries etc., helping put the pieces back together following the trauma of a brain injury.

Kilkenny Hurlers
KILKENNY hurling stars Eoin Larkin and Paul Murphy.

Last year the GAA teamed up with ABI Ireland to educate players about head injuries in sport, and the importance of protecting player welfare in relation to concussion management in Gaelic games.

Research conducted by the Gaelic Players Association and ABI Ireland in relation to hard hits and concussion within Gaelic games, showed that 54% of those surveyed reported having endured a concussion during play. 44% admitted to having sustained a concussion between two to five times. When asked about concussion management and adhering to return-to-play guidelines, 58% admitted to continuing to play while concussed; with 42% of these noting they played on and didn’t remember the rest of the game.

ABI Ireland Local Service Manager Rob Martin expressed his appreciation to Eoin Larkin in helping the organisation raise awareness of this serious sports injury in the local area, he said “Concussion is an injury that must be taken seriously. Players who do not manage concussion seriously are leaving themselves susceptible to a long-term endurance of a collection of concussion symptoms, including headaches, depression, personality change, memory and concentration problems, sleep disturbance and mood swings”.

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