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To whom it may concern

As im sure some of you are aware already, due to the wide publicity we have received via the public and media, we are searching for a missing dog who isnt very well and needs to be home with his family.

We would really appreciate if you could print the photo attached and display on your premises.

Blaze is missing since Wed 16th of January from the Sycamore estate in Kilkenny. He is a 12 yr old Golden Labrador and he isnt very well and needs his medication. Unfortunately there is actually 7 Golden Labradors walking freely around the Kilkenny area who match Blaze's description but he can be recognised from the bad Eczema he has on his back legs. We would imagine by now that his coat is darker than his photo also. He wasn't wearing a collar when he got out but that doesn't mean someone hasn't put one on him since.

If you see Blaze he is extremely friendly, so please get him into a secured location or follow him while u call or text us. We can have someone with u within a few minutes.

Our contact details are: Caroline Hanlon (Owner): 085 1120998, Tanya Tatten (Help Find Blaze Campaign Manager) : 0860720220 or email

Thank you for your help in finding Blaze.

Yours Sincerely

Tanya Tatten Barry

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