"A Place Called Perfect" - A children's Book written by Kilkenny Author Helena Duggan

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A Place Called Perfect by Helena Duggan

A Place Called Perfect is a children’s book written by Kilkenny author Helena Duggan. It is available in both eBook and paperback from Amazon.com and will soon appear on bookshop shelves.

Helena Duggan, Author of "A Place Called Perfect"

Helena has been writing on and off since she was a child. Her first substantial children’s story "A Load of Rubbish" was voted number 1 out of over 8000 books on Authonomy.com, a Harper Collins website, in 2010. However she did not pursue publication with this preferring to hone her skills further. She signed up to the Maynooth University creative writing program, run from their Kilkenny campus. This course was an invaluable experience and after completing the certificate she is now enrolled in their two roads program.

"A Place Called Perfect" is a children’s adventure story for 9-13 years, although it has been enjoyed by those both younger and older.

The story takes us into Perfect, a town that is anything but...

We meet Violet Brown; a girl who didn’t want to live in a place that thought it was perfect. How would she ever survive? She’d have to be neat and tidy, would definitely have to brush her hair. She’d have to be perfect and that was boring.

But when her Dad is offered the best job an optician can get, to fix a strange problem in this odd little town, Violet has to obey. That’s the thing with parents; they only ever did what they wanted!

From the beginning Violet hates her new home, it’s too clean, the people are too friendly, everything is just too nice...

When her Mam begins to act a little strange, her Dad disappears on a mysterious business trip without telling a soul, she almost gets expelled from school for picking up a pencil without permission and starts hearing voices in her head. Violet thinks she’s going mad.

Until one day she meets Boy...

“A Place Called Perfect” is fast paced and full of adventure. A great Christmas present for any little (or large) bookworm.


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